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We have some tasty vegetarian foods for you in our bakery. Made with the best and local ingredients we can. Baked daily to keep it fresh in our village bakery


Cheese Salad
Mature Cheddar & Spring onion
Brie and Redcurrant


Cheese and Onion Slice
Vegan sausage Roll


Chocolate Chip Cake
Chorux Ring
Carrot Cake
Almond Macaroon
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lemon Sponge Cake
Meringue Pavlova Base

Meringue Pavlova Base
Chocolate Butter cream Sandwich Cake
Butter Cream Sandwich Cake
Fruit Slab
Genosese Sheet Plain
Genoese Sheet Choc
Cup Cakes


Pastries Buns & Tarts

Danish Pastry
Dip Fancy
Chocolate Twist
Fresh Cream Chocolate Eclair
Cherry & Walnut Shortbread
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chelsea Bun
Belgium Bun
Mini Fresh Cream

Almond Croissant
Pain au Chocolat
Chocolate Danish Twist
Fruit Scone
Pecan Maple Danish
Shortbread Teddy
Caramel Crispy


Chocolate Doughnut
Iced Doughnut
Vegan Jam Doughnut


Large Sandwich
Large GI Bread
Large Sandwich
Cut Large Tin
Large Farmhouse
Large Bloomer
Large Bloomer Poppy
Spelt & Honey Seed Large
Danish White
Small Danish White
Large Split Tin
Small Tin
Small Bloomer
Small Danish White
Large Wholemeal
Spelt & Honey
Small Wholemeal
Corn Bread Small
Cobber Tin
Large Cobber
Corn Bread

Baps & Rolls

GI Bomb
Soft Roll
4 Soft Rolls
4 Brioche Baps
Brioche Bap
4 Large Baps Crusty Rolls
Long Roll – Hot Dog
4 Crusty Rolls
Long Roll

Bridge Roll
Knot Roll
4 Knot Rolls
4 Mulitseed Baps
Multiseed Bap
Brown Roll
Large Baps
Large Sesame Bap
Large brown bap


Large French Stick
Small French Stick
Demi Baguette
Artisan Rustic Baguette