At our farm shop in Newton, we have a great selection of summer foods and drinks that will taste great, keep you hydrated and cool. This is is our selection of summer favourites in our farm shop.


Ice cream has got to be one of the most enjoyable tasty foods that will keep you cool in the summer months. Harrison James a Suffolk base company makes some nice delicious ice creams. Just like Days Bakery, there ice creams are handmade with the highest quality ingredients.


Salads are not only healthy but also they don’t require to be heated up which is always great if it’s very hot. Humus and guacamole is always a good idea with accompanying a salad. The company Delphi foods is a family run business which make high-quality Mediterranean foods.


Drinking litres of water to stay hydrated can be a little bit tiresome. Which is why sometimes you need a treat. Having a flavour cold icy drink could be what you need on the hot summer months. We have a large selection here at Days farm shop.