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our history

Day's Bakery was founded in 1741 in Ashwell and is likely one of the oldest remaining bakeries in the country. It has been run by family members throughout its long existence and prides itself on quality, remaining very much a village bakery.
The business has continued to thrive through generations, and Howard Day took over in 1953 after surviving two plane crashes in the Fleet Air Arm during World War II. Howard prioritized high quality and business expansion. In his later years, he fell seriously ill and was compelled to sell the business to Nick Dorrington and his brother, James, in 1996.
Howard Day
Howard was a great support in the last year of his life to Nick as he passed on his family business. He also enjoyed passing on all his personal recipes, many of which are still used to this day. Our current manager, Clive Draper, was trained by Howard Day. We have continued to expand the business, now owning 13 shops. We have introduced 'food to go', which is now a big part of the business.
In the past two years, Day's has been developing its artisan section. It is led by George Dorrington, who represents the next generation. The team at Day's has now realized their next idea and acquired the Village Shop in Great Chesterford. They transformed a traditional bakery into Day's Food Hall, which includes a café, bakery, and deli. They have all your essentials and more, and you'll have an amazing shopping experience.
Days Bakery
Days Bakery