Easter at the bakery

easter at
the bakery

We have many treats for easter this year we have our soft easter biscuits in easter shapes and as always There’s nothing better than a warm, lightly spiced Hot Cross Bun with butter.

"now buy 4
hot cross buns
and get 1 free"

traditional hot
cross buns

Once again its that time of year were we bake these dolishes Hot Cross Buns. Carefully make and baking is always worth it when they come fresh out of the oven.

Valentine Day

at the bakery
valentine day

This year it is an imporant as ever to Share the love with your Valentine's. We have spent the last few weeks baking a range of bakery gifts to make the most important people in your life smile.
our range of treats below, These are aviable in our bakeries and food halls in Essex Hertofordshire and Cambridgeshire. See our opening and closing times below.

Christmas Bakery

Christmas Foods

Celebrate Christmas with cakes,bakes and puddings.
See our Christmas menu to indulge in our tasty Christmas
Treat yourself to a traditional bake for Christmas. All of our Christmas treats are freshly baked and locally made in our village bakery in Ashwell, Hertfordshire and in our stores.

"Freshly baked
Christmas Pudding,
Mince Pies and Cakes"

Free Coffee & Doughnuts

Free Coffee
& Doughnuts

International doughnut day is all the way in June so we decided that we couldn't wait. To celebrate the opening of the latest Days Bakery, we decided we would try brighten up everybody’s Thursday. We are offering you a free doughnut and a coffee of your choice when you visit us in our new location. Fill your day with something delicious, like a jam filled doughnut.
7am- 4pm on the 10th of September
Greenfield Service station
Baldock Road, Herts,

See the map below for directions!

New Store Opening Soon

Tuesday the 7th of July 2020.

At Days we know that life can get busy. Sometimes even too busy to take a detour to pick up your favourite lunch. That is why we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with BP, as we launch our new store opening within the garage along the A505. You can find us just before the Thrift Hill turnoff. (Baldock Rd, A505, Royston SG8 9NN)

That is right, Days just got easier. You can grab your ‘on the go’ lunch time favourites, without coming off the main road.

A wide selection of sandwiches, baguettes, bap, cakes and other confectionary goods will be available. Not to forget a coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the road.

Come Visit Us

Tuesday the 7th of July 2020.

Opening times for counter service and full product range

Monday to Sunday

6:30am - 4pm

Most products will still be available past 4pm, however it will be a self-service, so you can still pick up your goods on the way home!

Best Sandwich Fillings​​

7 Best Sandwich Fillings

Send in your favourite Fillings and we will post our top picks on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



Tuna & Sweetcorn with Mayo

Got to be one of the UK’s favourite sandwiches. Simple combo. Meaty, sweet and crunchy.



Starts off healthy with lettuce and tomato before ending with delicious salty bacon. Apparently the UK's favourite sandwich dating back to the early 1900s. With our Suffolk bacon it's hard to ignore.


Egg & Cress or Salad

Breakfast & brunch veggie classic.


Roast Beef & Horseradish

Britain's version of a burger.


Cajun Chicken

If you like things spicy, then the Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich is the answer. Deliciously spicy and crispy.


Coronation Chicken

The UK & India coming together to make pretty much a curry sandwich. This retro 50s favourite is still up there.



Lettuce, avocado & mustard. We had to have something super healthy and tasty.

7 things we love about sourdough

7 Things We Love About Sourdough


Sourdough is recorded to be made 5720 years ago


It is a natural starter. Sourdough relies on
naturally occurring yeast and bacteria to make the bread rise


Average sourdough is higher in protein than white and brown bread


Less Phytates.
One study found that sourdough fermentation meant the yeast would have 50% less phytates compared to using conventional yeast


Studies suggest it is healthy for your gut. Sourdough may be better if you have wheat sensitivity and be easier to digest than other breads, possibly due to its prebiotics, as well as the probiotics created during the fermentation process.


Average sourdough has less sugar than white and brown bread


Sourdough bread is thought to have a low glycemic index (GI), a measure of the impact a food has on blood sugar

7 toppings to have on toast

7 toppings to have on toast

Send in your favourite toppings and we will post our top picks on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



Virgin olive oil, Black pepper & Avocado

So good, that apparently millennials will spend their future mortgage on it.


Brie & Caramelized onions

A one-bite wonder.


Butter & Marmite

Love it or hate it.


Smoked salmon and Cream cheese

Easy and fancy.


Butter, Hard-boiled egg & Herbs

Long flight, new country and not sure what to eat on the menu? Have an egg on toast, they will have it.


Virgin olive oil, Pesto & Lemon zest

Just tasty. Thank you Italy.


Peanut butter

A classic in under minute.