Our Bread Is Baked Daily In Our Ashwell Bakery. We Have A
Range Of Traditional Breads From Sourdough To Knot Rolls.



Large Sandwich
Large GI Bread
Large Sandwich
Cut Large Tin
Large Farmhouse
Large Bloomer
Large Bloomer Poppy
Spelt & Honey Seed Large
Danish White
Small Danish White
Large Split Tin
Small Tin
Small Bloomer
Small Danish White
Large Wholemeal
Spelt & Honey
Small Wholemeal
Corn Bread Small
Cobber Tin
Large Cobber
Corn Bread

Baps & Rolls

GI Bomb
Soft Roll
4 Soft Rolls
4 Brioche Baps
Brioche Bap
4 Large Baps Crusty Rolls
Long Roll – Hot Dog
4 Crusty Rolls
Long Roll

Bridge Roll
Knot Roll
4 Knot Rolls
4 Mulitseed Baps
Multiseed Bap
Brown Roll
Large Baps
Large Sesame Bap
Large brown bap


Large French Stick
Small French Stick
Demi Baguette
Artisan Rustic Baguette